Pomegranate Glazed Ribs

Pomegranate Ribs Slathered with BBQ Sauce. Full recipe on BigTasteTinySpace.com

Sometimes you just need to fangirl a little bit. I once shouted at Stephanie Klein, one of my favorite authors/bloggers, at a book event in Bryant Park. When it was my turn in line to get my book signed I exploded in her face, "I cancelled my gyno appointment to be here." Words cannot describe the Kanye West enthusiasm that I displayed.

Homemade Pastrami Sandwich

Try your hand at making Pastrami from scratch. Full recipe on BigTasteTinySpace.com

Up until three years ago I had never eaten pastrami. I don't know how this happened. I'm Jewish, I'm from Long Island, and I spent most Sundays of my childhood eating dinner at a Jewish deli in Brooklyn. For shame, so much shame.

Shredded Short Rib Tacos

Braise beef in a citrusy IPA and fragrant spice rub for shredded beef tacos Full recipe on BigTasteTinySpace.com

I've found that you shouldn't ask someone if they like something you've cooked. If they like it then they'll tell you without being prompted. If they don't, well then they have to politely nod and raise their voice while saying, "yes, it's good" or they tell you there are too many onions and they don't like onions.