Chris Stover Dumplings

Dumplings are a late night favorite. Make them at home and enjoy them all the time. Full recipe on

Once while driving at 1am to a newspaper plant in New Jersey I thought, "Maybe I should have gotten two orders of dumplings tonight." Dumplings solve all problems. Especially when you and your friends are frantically trying to put out the college newspaper and "Shit, the network is down and we can't send the paper to the printing plant. Time for a road trip."

Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

A tangle of rice noodles adds heft to my asian chicken lettuce wraps. Find the recipe on copy

I have little to no patience for football. The season eats up endless Sundays and the only thing I enjoy about the day are the snacks. Football got another X in my book when it rudely interrupted my cooking demo on DelmarvaLife, the lifestyle show at the tv station I used to work at.

Chicken Rice Meatballs

Chicken Rice Meatballs with Cucumber Noodles. Full recipe on

There's always one friend in the group who is mean to the new boyfriends. And I'm proud to say that in my circle, it's me. I'm the friend equivalent of a dad cocking his shotgun as a guy comes to pick his daughter up for a date, but I'm not so subtle.