Tomato and Corn Hash

Top warm tomato and corn hash with slivers of cool silky avocado. Full reicpe on

Summer produce waits for no one, so don't be late for dinner with me. Can I get a sign like that made? It would come in awfully handy, especially when I was in my crab cake phase. If you came over for dinner in 2012 I probably cooked you crab cakes with a raw corn and tomato salad. Or that was at least my planned menu. The crab cake always appeared but the corn and tomato salad usually wavered between totally raw, slightly warm or in the case of  one very late dinner guest a mixture that was so cooked it could no longer be called a salad. No matter the temperature or level of cook, corn and tomatoes are such an easy pair in the summer. If you go raw then toss the two of with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. If it's warm then add a little bit of garlic when lightly sauteeing the corn. High heat quickly cooks the corn and softens the garlic, toss that with with the raw tomatoes and you've got an easy side. Or at least that's the plan, until your friend is late and you're [Read more...]