Crispy Paella Rice

Crack into your crispy paella rice to reveal fluffy rice. Full recipe on

A pound of fish seems like a perfectly reasonable request at the supermarket. Well, not always. Asking for a pound of fish will get you lots of funny looks in London because a pound is an amount of currency not a measurement.

Savory Granola with Salted Yogurt

Savory Granola in a breakfast bowl with salted yogurt and cucumbers via BigTasteTinySpace

There's no money in tv. None. Okay maybe there is some, but when I signed my first contract to be a tv news reporter I can certainly tell you that all of the big flashy tv money was not coming to me. I quickly realized that my small town rent would eat up more than half of my take home pay and no clothing allowance meant the other dribs and drabs of my checks would go towards "tv clothes." A blazer in every color, please!