Braised Artichokes with Lemon and Olives

Break down artichokes and braise the hearts with wine and olives. Full recipe on

The packing list for a girls weekend getaway to Ocean City, Maryland usually includes a bikini or two, a lot of wine and artichokes. Wait, artichokes? Ok, maybe that's not the first thing you toss into your bag when taking a trip, but 6 girls at a fake bachelorette party cannot live on grapefruit crushes alone. And as soon as our travel plans were nailed down I started to obsess over when we'd hit up Seacrets and what snacks I could make for a half-dozen tipsy women. 

Bagna Cauda Bucatini

Bagna Cauda dip transformed into a weeknight pasta sauce via

I'm not sure how the subject of garlic bread came up over 'Build-your-own burgers' but it was quickly made clear that whatever garlic bread Marc's brother had been making was too offensive to his wife. Too strong! Too much garlic breath that lingered for hours! Oh, that's an easy fix, I thought. Just use roasted garlic, I proudly suggested.