Yemeni Lahoh Wraps

These simple Yemeni Lahoh wraps are cripsy on the outside and soft within. Full recipe on

For a stretch of about a year and a half I felt like I had been to Israel a million times. It seemed like every Jewish person I knew was going on Birthright and heading Israel for 10 days with a bunch of strangers. Like clockwork there would be the obligatory "Going to Israel today!" post on Facebook and then depending on the wi-fi situation, either radio silence for a week or artistic shots of desserts, hummus, and group pictures with their new BEST FRIENDS.

Crispy Paella Rice

Crack into your crispy paella rice to reveal fluffy rice. Full recipe on

A pound of fish seems like a perfectly reasonable request at the supermarket. Well, not always. Asking for a pound of fish will get you lots of funny looks in London because a pound is an amount of currency not a measurement.

Shortcut Falafel Scramble

Shortcut Falafel Scramble is quick, easy, and delicious. Get the recipe on

I love how creepy the internet can be. Most people have those Facebook friends they maybe met once, or had a class with years ago that they don't talk to in real-life but keep up with their online activity. For me, that's Emily. We had two classes together freshman year and honestly the only in-person memory I have of her is us walking from class number 1 to class number 2 and her mentioning the guy she was dating at the time. But we're Facebook friends so I know so much more.

Biscuits and Mushroom Gravy

There is one question you need to ask yourself at brunch. Ok, maybe two if you need to pick Bloody Mary or Mimosa, but I don't like Bloody Mary's.  The important question is: How much of a food coma can I be in after brunch? This is especially important when brunching at Morning Glory in Philly. The line for a table is always long and the space inside is never enough for the amount of people eating, but the food. Oh the food. It is exactly what you need after a night out. But you need to decide if this a breakfast that will restore you and jumpstart a day of virtuous activity or if you will shuffle back to your bed and watch episodes of Sex and the City with the commentary while sipping a mimosa. If sloth status is in your future and the specials menu has it, order the biscuits and gravy. The gravy is a creamy blanket of love studded with sausage, and it keeps fluffy biscuits warm with its porky love. It is a brick that your stomach needs to have. It is the [Read more...]